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What is

GiftHulk is a website where you can Earn Hulk Coins by completing surveys, referrals, contests and many more! And with those coins you are able to Redeem them for prizes!

There Moto is:

They say nothing is free. We disagree.

Offer Walls / EZ Coins: Easy coins. Some you have to pay for to get coins.

Invite your friends: Invite your freinds via FB/Email or just give them your invite code.

Gift Hulk Tv: You get so many points for viewing videos. I find that most of them are American and can not be viewed where I live (UK). Worth checking a couple of times a day.


Search: Use Gifthulk to search for everyday items/info. You get 4 coins per search (that can change) You are warned that you do actually have to click after you search otherwise you can lose this earning method


Surveys: Surveys in my opinion are the quickest and easiest way of earning coins, You just complete the Surveys that are provided (use real information and truthful answers). You can earn a lot of coins very quickly.


Tasks: Tasks are the hardest to actually do as they seem to be aimed more at the USA members than where I am in the UK.  Some look promising but as I say I struggle to get them to work. 


Guess the card: Guess the card is fun and you can earn different amounts of points and bonuses. Pick your Suit and number, Just the number or just the suit to earn different amount of coins


Fountain of youth Bonus: From time to time Fountain of Youth code will be released on Facebook/Twitter/GiftHulk Newsletter and they also can be won in Guess the Card game!


Sweepstakes for a chance to win  prizes! I have entered A few times but have not be lucky so far!


Other ways are in the pipelince according to the Gifthulk Website


Offer Walls / EZ Coins

Complete various offers to earn Hulk Coins – from simply visiting brands websites to signing up for great deals.



Fill surveys from Market Research firms who want your opinions on their products and services.
Your opinions will shape the next generation of products!

GiftHulk TV

Watch trending and funny videos, educational channels, celeb news and many more at GiftHulk TV!



Earn Hulk Coins by performing short and easy tasks! There are also special GiftHulk Tasks, like writing a blog post and making YouTube videos!



Use GiftHulk Search as your Web search engine. You will earn a fixed amount of Hulk Coins for searching –
Once an Hour, Every Day!


Invite your friends

Invite your friends to join GiftHulk and earn up to 600 Hulk Coins when they join!

100 Hulk Coins are guaranteed on each sign-up!


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